I love supporting Canadian businesses, especially those with quality products.

Hi….I love your product, so I put in another order..



Hi 🙂 I just wanted to let you know how amazing your soup is!!! We tried the Wild Rice veggie soup for the first time today and loved it! Even better, so glad it is a Northern Manitoba product as I grew up in the north (The Pas and Thompson). We purchased our soup from Sobeys. I really like the low sodium content. It is hard to find products that aren’t loaded with sodium. Thanks, again, and don’t stop doing what you are doing!




Thanks, Richard! You’re the best. Your wild rice is the cleanest, best tasting, and most well-packaged that I have ever tried, hands down. (I also appreciate that you always ship things out quickly and reliably. As you know, I go through quite a bit.)


K. Joseph Bell

I absolutely love your soups, especially the Spicy Northern. Thank you for making them available at such a reasonable price.


Lawrie Cherniack

This is by far the best wild rice we have ever had. It takes a few minutes more to prepare, but the extra time is well worth it!


Ron Vanden Brink

Molt, Montana

Wow great product, what a difference from the other wild rice I was eating. Thanks so much for providing such quality and goodness.




Message It cannot be overstated how important this 32 bean soup is. For under 10 dollars a family of 5 can be fed this hearty wonderful soup. I’ve had it as is and I have seasoned to taste. It is so easy to make and that one pound bag is always the heart of a great meal. A handful of their wild rice, some fresh chopped celery and carrots and some barley and its incredible. Given the way the world is going having 20 bags of this soup on hand is simply smart.


Mike Connellan

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